5 Relationship Red Flags Every Woman Should Note
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5 Relationship Red Flags Every Woman Should Note

Titilayo Ilori

A relationship needs a lot of hard work and sacrifices. But being in a relationship with a man that does not love you can be draining.

No matter what you do to make the relationship work, he will never see anything good in you. Below are five relationship red flags you should not ignore.

1. He does not care about your happiness

A man who truly loves you should be concerned about your happiness. As a matter of fact, he should notice when you are sad or happy. And if he does not do anything to make you happy, he does not care at all. A man who loves you wholeheartedly will be willing to do anything to make you happy no matter what.

2.  He does not get jealous

Every man possesses a jealous streak. If your man does not show any sign of jealousy each time you do things he should be jealous of, something is wrong somewhere.

3. He lies to you all the time

There is nothing like a small lie or a necessary lie, a man who loves you will not look you in the eye and lie to you. A man who lies to you does not love and respect your relationship. You should not manage a partner who lies to you all the time because this might be a way of telling you he is no longer interested in the relationship.

4. He makes you feel worthless

Once your man starts making you feel worthless, he makes you feel inferior or does not appreciate anything you do, there is a problem.

5.  He hardly tells you he loves you

If he loves you, it should not cost him anytime to proclaim his love for you. If he suddenly gives you flimsy excuses for not spending time with you and reduces the way he communicates with you, then there is something wrong somewhere.

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