6 Signs You Are In Love With Her

Abiodun Adeoye

Some men find it difficult to admit that they are in love with a woman, probably for personal reasons. Whatever the reason may be, denying that you love her would not help you in any way. You should read these points and see if they describe how you feel about her. They would indicate that you are definitely in love with her.

1. She's beautiful.

She's beautiful in track pants when you rush over to help her with her flat tire and her hair is in a messed up ponytail. She is trying not to cry, but she can't help it. Then she's just in that sweaty, dirty moment that to you is just stunning. In fact, the less makeup she has on, the more stunning she is to you.

2. She is included in all of your plans, even if only in your head

You just want her to be with you. She has even started showing up on poker night and football afternoons. It just is what it is, and anyone who has a problem with it can see the door. You don't even want to see your sweaty college roommate as much as you want to see her. That is love, my friend.

3. The chemistry is good

Period. Hours pass like minutes when you are together, and she is the one that makes you use the word "unbelievable."

4. She says sex will have to wait, and your response is, "Whatever you say!"

Respect, trust and love go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. If you love her and respect her and her personal space, you don't care how long it will take because that's not what it's about. It's about love.

5. You picture her in your future.

Even if you haven't mentioned it to her yet, you are at least thinking it. When mom asks at Sunday dinner when she will finally get to meet this girl, you are stoked that she has finally given the green light and the response is, "How's next week?" You picture her in your life, period. When you start visually making plans with someone in your head, you are only one step closer to verbalizing those things to them out loud.

6. You've started saying it to her in other ways.

You've been signing texts and emails with "luv" or even "love" but you haven't said "I love you" yet. You love everything about her. You love being with her and you tell her that. The three little words just haven't come out yet.

You are slowly preparing her for these words and you are using these little tests as ways to gauge her response to the "L" word. When you are at this step, it is only a matter of time before you tell her yourself at this point.

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