What Is Lifestyle?
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What Is Your Lifestyle?

If you are confused about what lifestyle matches your personality, you can find it here. 


Different things fit different people.

For you it could be dining in a luxurious restaurant in the middle of the city, being catered to by seven maids and a gourmet chef. For another, it could be living in a simple duplex in the outskirts of town with no one but family and two silly dogs.

Lifestyle, simply put, is a way in which a person lives. It is the interest, opinion and behaviour of a person, group and culture. It is expressed in both work and leisure, attitude and values, your activities and how you spend your money.

Nothing tells people the kind of person you really are or want to be like the style of life you chose to live; it is a reflection of your true self.

There are several categories of lifestyle; there is usually a primary and a secondary.

Your Primary lifestyle is the one most people identify you by, your core values and truest expression is evident here, while your secondary lifestyle describes the things you enjoy and like but will always take a backseat to your primary lifestyle.

If you want to know the category of lifestyle you fall under, keep reading.

The Academic

The academic has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and learning. They get their satisfaction from reading, writing, and the sharing of ideas or from abstract, mathematical or scientific concepts and theories.

Academics are avid readers, mostly of non-fiction because of the pleasure of learning something.

They are usually introverts, who live vicariously through their imaginations and may not be comfortable in large social gatherings preferring to be home with a good book.

The Adventurer

If you derive satisfaction from memorable experiences, usually involving some combination of travelling, staying outdoors, exploring, learning, experiencing new or foreign things, and physical activities. you are most definitely suited to an adventurer.

Adventurers love to experience things that give them a rush of adrenaline, a sense of freedom.

They are competitive, but not against others, they just love the challenge and setting new standards. Adventurers are also day-dreamers who hate to get stuck in routines. They usually do not do well with 9 - 5 jobs.

The adventurers are usually nature lovers who find their satisfaction in appreciating and feeling connected to the beauty of the natural world.

The Corporate

If you get pleasure by being part of a group of likeminded people who share common goals or interests, whether it is family, work or a community group, you are most definitely meant for the corporate lifestyle.

The need to feel like they are a part of something important and bigger than themselves is a strong trait.

Corporates are easy-going, top-notch team players and appreciate the different values, skills and experiences every individual brings.

Corporates build strong, long-lasting friendships. If you organise group outings, events or group holidays, because you dislike doing things alone, then you are most likely a CORPORATE.

This lifestyle covers socialites who derive satisfaction from interacting with a wide variety of people and value people for their own selves.

The Creative

The creative is someone who gets their satisfaction from imagining things and making their imaginations a reality.

Like the name implies they are creative and drawn to making abstracts real. They also generate ideas and enjoy solving problems as their creative process may equally apply to less tangible things. Creatives, unlike the corporates, prefer to work alone.

The Provider

If you get your satisfaction from making other people happy, then you are a provider.

Providers enjoy being stay-at-home parents because of the satisfaction they get from creating an environment everyone will love.

Some are drawn to animals, children and people in need. They like taking care of and worrying about those they love.

This same energy is carried into their jobs as they prefer a role where they can provide care.

The Technician

The technician is the person who loves to be busy and has good attention to detail. They like everything to be in some kind of systematic order, either in physical things, or numbers on a spreadsheet.

They are very task-focused and can spend many hours at a time focused on detailed, technical processes that would drive many people crazy.

Unlike the creative, they don’t enjoy the process of creation or design from scratch. They tend to lean towards perfection and enjoy taking their time to get the details right.

Technicians tend to make good accountants or anything involving lots of data, spreadsheets or forms.

But they may also like hands-on tasks such as construction, craft, manufacturing, or laboratory work, or organising filing. Technicians are likely to be introverts, who enjoy focusing on things.

You may fall under any of these categories, however, do not let your secondary lifestyle affect the one that truly gives you complete satisfaction.

Knowing your lifestyle category helps you live life to the best of your ability.

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