Is your heart really broken and can it be fixed?
Is your heart really broken and can it be fixed?

6 Sure Ways To Fix A Broken Heart

Find six ways to fix a broken heart here!


Love has been idealized, which is why it sounds like an exotic or buried treasure. And like in any treasure hunt, the excitement’s frenzy causes us to search in the wrong places.

In this same frenzy, we end up being carried away by the wrong person who only causes suffering and brings drama to our lives.

When that happens, what you can do is recover. Just like every time you fall, you need to stand up. The same applies to love.

Depending on how huge a fall it was, it can be really hard to get back on your feet, but it is not impossible.

In this article, you will uncover how to stop loving someone you shouldn't.

1. Acceptance

The first step to anything is acceptance. You need to accept that you love(d) that person and you also need to accept that you should not love that person the same way anymore.

You are not stopping because that person does not love you, you are stopping because loving that person that same way, will never make you happy or thrive.

You are stopping because no one deserves unrequited love. If you can admit that your beloved one does not love you back, you are on the right path.

2. Vent

Venting about a problem is highly underrated. Just talking about it is like taking a load off your shoulder or, in this case, chest. Get a friend, someone you trust, or someone who has been through something similar and vent to your heart’s content. Shout, cry, scream, laugh, let it all out. If you do not feel like talking, get a pen and notepad and write out your feelings. Let it be raw and true, nothing but pure emotions

3. Stop being angry

You need to stop being angry with yourself for falling in love and with that person for making you feel the way you feel. Failing at love is a part of life. Stop wishing bad luck or a sad ending to the object of your love. They don’t deserve to be unhappy or suffer for your happiness. If it would help, put yourself in this person’s shoes. Are you willing to live your life with someone you feel pity for? It is best to put away the great memories you share until when you have moved on, when you can really appreciate the relationship you had.

4. Give yourself some space

If this person wants to remain friends and keep things “cordial” but you do not feel that way yet, do what is best for you at that point, stay away from them. Reduce your talk time and facetime. If you used to talk every day, reduce it to talking only when it is necessary. Give yourself time to get used to not being with this person forever. Lose their number if you have to and if you live in the same place, neighbourhood or apartment, let them know that you need space to heal although you respect their decision. Delete or archive all your pictures of him and with him. Lose his social media handles and resist the urge to stalk them.

5. Focus on yourself

When you are absorbed in dark thoughts, you will begin to neglect yourself. You will feel nothing but pain. Take care of your looks and health. Go shopping; buy new clothes and shoes, change your hairstyle, get a massage, take a class you have been putting off or master that skill you have longed to have. Enjoy being yourself. Don’t make rash decisions, especially if they are dangerous to your health or life. Destroying your life will not make the person love you neither will it help you move on.

6. Get physical

Not violent, physical! There are several ways to restore your emotional state and the most effective is physical exercises. This can help rid you of negativity and serve as a distraction. Start by jogging in the morning or go to fitness classes, the gym or a swimming pool, run a 10k or a marathon. You will have fun and get in shape at the same time.

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