7 Healthy Habits Every Woman Should Cultivate
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7 Healthy Habits Every Woman Should Cultivate

Here a seven healthy habits every woman should cultivate.


Establishing these healthy habits make it easy to take control of your health and overall wellness as a confident woman.

1. Read meaningful books every day

Nothing empowers like knowledge. Information is the gateway to the advancement and the cure to all frustration. Whether it is to advance in your career or escape from the frustration of an unpleasant day, reading meaningful books will take you to the destination you need to be. You should read, even if it is 10 pages every day or for 10 minutes daily. Remember, to be informed is to be transformed, to be uninformed is to be deformed.

2. Set achievable goals daily

Set at least three achievable goals every day. It can be big things or small things like laying your bed once you get up, five minutes of work out daily, saying a prayer once you get up or sweeping your room. If you continually set goals, these goals will become habits.

3. Sleep in cotton underwear or no underwear

Ladies, we know you like the sexy satin thong and how it gives you the confidence to go about your day, especially when you want to seduce your man. However, after a busy day, it is important to let your lady part breathe, especially before bed. Cotton panties, unlike satin or nylon, does not hold moisture. So, it keeps your lady part odour free and helps you sleep better at night. Cultivating this habit will help keep your vagina healthy.

4. Stretch your body

While exercising is important for your overall health, stretching is even more important for every woman. It does not only help your body reduce stress and tension as well as make mobility easier, but it also gets your blood moving and functioning properly. You can stretch your body with light yoga exercises which can sometimes serve as exercise.

5. Stop neglecting your skin

It is good that you eat clean, take the right supplements and workout. However, do not forget to take care of your skin. Under no circumstance should you neglect to clean, moisturize and pamper your skin. Get care products that will keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. Begin a care routine for your skin. It could involve you scrubbing your body every other week, changing your sponge regularly, changing your towels, having a spa day, dry brushing your skin or getting a lotion that fits your skin type. Remember, it is never too late to start, you will, after all, be using this skin forever.

6. Take probiotics

Probiotics are simply healthy bacteria, the type of bacteria found in plain yoghurt. Taking probiotics improves digestion, reduces inflammation, helps improve your immune system, and most importantly, the natural smell of your whole body.

7. Be kind to others

This is not solely for ladies, of course. Being selfless is not only biblical but it is also attractive. Doing a kind gesture for someone often takes nothing from you and most times it takes less than 30 seconds. It could be helping little kids cross to the other side of the road or buying a cold drink for the traffic warden on a hot afternoon.

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