5 Common Mistakes People Make With Contact Lenses
Contact lenses

5 Common Mistakes People Make With Contact Lenses

Margaret Solace

Wearing contact lenses has become another beauty trend. It is not limited to people with vision problems alone. Wearing contact lenses now is like applying powder on your face or using a face cream. Some women can't leave for an event without wearing contact lenses. Contact lenses are specially made to perform the same function as eyeglasses. They help to manage sight. They are more convenient to use, compared to eyeglasses.

Sunglasses are not easy to use, especially when it comes with scars around the nose where the glasses sit. Some don't like to wear anything to cover their makeup and would rather go for contact lenses. However, there are a few mistakes often made while wearing contact lenses. Some can even leave you worse than before if not well taken care of. That being said, here are a few mistakes you should avoid if you want to wear contact lenses.

1. Sleeping with your lenses in

This mistake is common and should not be ignored. Sleeping with your contact lenses in can cause easy access of germs to your eyes. These contact lenses are made of plastics and can prevent the flow of oxygen to your cornea. This can make you itch or even worse, cause an infection.

2. Not using solutions

Solutions are specially made for contact lenses. Stay away from using water to clean your contact lenses. Water contains a parasite known as acanthamoeba which can cause infection to the cornea, called acanthamoeba keratitis. This can cause blindness.

3. Exceding the expiry dates

Every product comes with an expiry date. Your contact lenses can only be worn within a period of time. Do not exceed it.

4. Swimming and shower

Do not attempt to swim or shower with your contact lenses still on. Wash your hands and remove them till you are done.

5. Use of eyedrop

The use of eyedrop is not bad but the use of eyedrop each time you have redness or itchy eyes should be avoided, especially if the redness was caused by the use of contact lenses. It is much better to know the cause rather than just using eyedrop every time.

6. See your doctor regularly

If you have issues with your contact lenses, always visit your doctor when you should. Avoiding appointment might cost you your eyes. The doctors know better.

7. Wash your contact lenses

Always clean your contact lenses before use to avoid bacteria in your eyes. Keep them safe in their packs and ensure they are sealed at all times.

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