5 Ways To Overcome Self-Doubt

5 Ways To Overcome Self-Doubt

Margaret Solace

Self-doubt makes you sceptical about everything and this might lead to indecisiveness. Saying you cannot do things can bring your self-esteem to the lowest and kill your confidence. Here are ways to deal with self-doubt.

1. Don’t compare

Don't compare your success to that of others. You do not know what goes on behind closed doors. You do not know their struggle because they only show you their success. Some people are phoney. They show you only what you want to see. There is always a pillow with our deepest secrets. We cry on this pillow and smile on them. We all have different struggles and challenges in life. Do not be deceived.

2. Stop thinking of what others think

Many people out there are envious of the little strength and energy you put into work. They wish they could stop worrying about what they think, how you are perceived, how they see you. Do you and you alone.

3. Stop feeling like a victim

Do not take everything to heart. It is not everything you hear that you react to. Critics will always be in the world. If you continue to take everything to heart, you might continue to swim in self-doubt.

4. Be optimistic

Self-doubt is negative. Always expect good news and reports when you do things. See the bright light in everything you do. A great way to train your brain to positive is to reflect on your day before you go to sleep. Think about three positive things that happened that day.

5. Remember that you are not a failure

Recite this every day and you will see a lot of changes. Give yourself praises once in a while. You deserve it. Love yourself. The more you say negative words to yourself, the more you sink into self-doubt.

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