9 Back To School Tips For Parents
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9 Back To School Tips For Parents

Margaret Solace

There are a few tips that can help you as a parent cope with the stress of your child’s first day back in school. These steps can make you fully prepared and make you feel less overwhelmed.

1. Get organised

You have to get things ready a few weeks before your children’s resumption date. Buy their lunch box, their bag, their books and writing materials. Get their clothes ready. If possible, make plans for the food they will need that day. Have a small timetable for your child’s lunch box. You do not want to wait until the D-day before you start running helter-skelter. This can make you disoriented and your children might be late on their first day.

2. Know about your child’s school

If your child is resuming at a new school, make your findings before the day of resumption. Get to know the environment. Know their teachers, if possible. Learn about the school’s performance through other parents. Find out where your kids might need help. Ask yourself if you can cope with the environment and if it is easily accessible.

3. Discuss what they should expect

Have a one-on-one talk with your child. If they are too young to process your conversation, discuss with them in simple terms. It is normal for children to be nervous when they are returning to their old school or going to a new one.

4. Let them be

If your children are starting out at a new school, they will feel different on their first day. It is not a familiar setting and they might feel like they are not loved. That is because other kids feel that way, too. But with time, they will be eager to see each other.

5. Allow them to make friends

Let your children make friends. It is their choice, not yours. Do not try to choose friends for them no matter how close you are to some parents. They have to connect and build friendships on their own.

6. Let them share their experience

Be ready to listen to your children when they return home from school. Listen to them talk about their experiences. Let them be free to open up to you as their parents. This way, you can know their problems. Some kids find it difficult to catch things fast and might need time.

7. Teach them to talk to their teachers

Your children’s teachers serve as their guardians in school. They should be able to open up to their guardians if they do not understand things they are taught in school or when they need help. This will also boost their confidence.

8. Have time for pictures

Remember to take pictures and make videos of your children’s first day at a new school or first day back to their old school. It creates memories and strengthens the bond they have with you.

9. Learn how to deal with expectations

No matter how much you crave for your own time, you will miss your kids when they go to school. They have become a part of you since their birth until this moment. It is normal for separation anxiety and loneliness to set it. You should learn how to deal with both.

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