6 Tricks To Help You Read Better

6 Tricks To Help You Read Better

Mercy Ebikoma

Mercy Ebikoma

Reading has been an intricate part of civilization for decades. You depend on this skill in order to assimilate and transfer information or data. No matter the language, no matter the ethnicity, reading has never been and will never be obsolete. Seeing as reading is an important aspect of your socialization, it comes as no surprise that there is a demand for an improved reading skill in all areas of the globe.

Here are six tips for reading better.

1. Highlight text

Ever read through an old novel or book that belonged to your parent? You are likely to notice a few highlighted texts or even paragraphs in the novel. When reading, it is advisable that you underline or highlight certain texts that strike you. It helps in making references, even as you try to expound on the context. It also aids in remembering.


2. Personalize the content

This is one of the best things that any reader can do in order to have an immersive experience. Understanding is paramount in any reading activity; hence, by personalizing the contents of whatever it is that you are reading, you are putting yourself in the world of the story or article. This leads to a better level of comprehension.

3. Understand common themes

In order to better understand what it is that you are reading, you could try to spot a few recurring themes. When you see a pattern in the story, you would have a deeper appreciation of its content. If you are able to spot and understand the central ideas of the story or article, you are more than likely to remember.

4. Set targets

This little practice goes a long way in ensuring that long write-ups are covered. Sometimes, you might want to read a book, but end up getting discouraged by its length. Do not despair. Setting targets helps in making your reading easier. By meeting reading targets - whether it is how many words you want to read in a given period of time or how many things you can learn from the content of your reading - you will eventually build a healthier and effective reading habit.

5. Ask yourself questions about what you just read

For comprehension purposes, it is paramount to reflect on what you have just read by means of self-inquisition and introspection. When you read any material while knowing that a series of questions wait at the end, it causes you to stay focused and commit to understanding the material. If you are having a tough time coming up with questions, you could always ask someone who has read the material to help by asking you questions that pertain to the material.

6. Take down notes

Taking notes as one reads is one of the most effective ways to read and comprehend the content of a book. The moment you come across an important point or information, taking notes will not only enable you to better remember this info, it will also bring about a certain level of awareness on the subject matter, which will, in turn, cause your understanding of it to grow.

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