Men! Learn 3 Ways To Be More Romantic
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Men! Learn 3 Ways To Be More Romantic

Abiodun Adeoye

Some relationships which were meant to be have met their end because the man was not "romantic enough." Being romantic in every intimate relationship is crucial. When the romance is not there, the hormones begin to fall apart and your partner might begin to find it somewhere else.

When asking a lady out, being romantic - or knowing how to be romantic - is an invaluable skill that each man must possess. This article shows you how to be just that - romantic! Below are some tips.

1 - Understand the lady

One fact about women is that each individual views romance differently. So, if you want to learn how to be romantic with the girl of your dreams, learn her definition of romance.

You have to observe her for a period of time. Get to know her likes and dislikes, what turns her on and off, or even what activities she enjoys. But don't forget the setting in which she likes them.

2 - Make proper plans

Let's take an example of a lady who loves coffee, but she only likes it during tea time with muffins while sitting in a cafe reading a magazine. In that case, plan how you can buy her coffee while she is in that setting.

Don't attempt to treat her to coffee with muffins while she's taking a break in her office chair. The setting is not right, and your gesture might come across to her as being unromantic because you weren't sensitive

Always plan ahead, and keep in mind the setting or other important factors that will help you get across to her. That's part of learning how to be romantic with the girl of your dreams.

3 - Inject your own ideas and twists

Now, learning how to be romantic can get tricky here, because if you don't have much ideas of your own to inject into a romantic setting, you're stuck.

But be thankful for the 21st century. You can just go online and read how guys are romantic with the ladies they flirt with and get some ideas there.

Don't attempt to implement the ideas immediately.

That's because every guy out there has a different personality, so even if you think an idea you saw online looks helpful, you'll want to inject your own personality into that idea, and carry it out as only you would. Only then can a girl truly feel you're romantic through your originality.

So, taking the coffee lady as an example - you might have to offer her coffee together with homemade muffins of her favourite flavour at the right setting and time. Then you'll leave an impact that's original.

You should remember to be yourself at all times and don't try to copy someone else. When she perceives what you are doing as fake, it would be a total turn off for her.

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