7 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life
Sex life

7 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life

Margaret Solace

Are you looking for more ways to make things less boring in the bedroom?

Are you having difficulties maintaining a good libido or is your partner lacking and you don't know what to do?

Do you feel you're alone? The answer is no! A lot of people go through this.

The responsibility falls on men most of the time. Many men are looking for ways to enhance their sexual ability to satisfy their women.

There are many sex enhancement products on the market. There are herbs and exercises to improve sexual performance, but there are also some more simple ways to achieve the best in bed without spending too much or nothing at all.

These are habits you can start practising, and with time, you become the ‘king kong’ in bed.

Here are a few ways to improve your sexual ability:

1. Diet

Sometimes your diet plays a major role in your sexual ability. This could be the reason why you are always tired or lazy in bed, or why you do not stay longer in bed, or you go dry suddenly or you become less active all of a sudden.

Eat more fibre and nuts. Tigernut has especially been known to improve libido in men and this can help improve your sex life.

2. Personal hygiene

As a woman, you might not be having great sex because of your own personal neglect.

You need to clean well to have great sex. No one wants to make love to you when it's unbearable and uncomfortable for them.

Your environment must be looking clean and nice. This can make you feel relaxed. A nice room with a sweet smell can even make sex more enjoyable. This is not for women alone.

3. Do more touching and less talk

Touch your partner, kiss them, hug them more. This sets the mood and sends a signal to their brain. If you don't touch more, and you go straight to sex, you might not last long.

4. Lubrication

Do not shy away from lubes. They are specially made to make sex more pleasurable and less painful.

Dry sex can be painful for both the male and the female; it can cause sores.

Some are not naturally blessed with an overactive sense when it comes to sending signals to the brain to release natural lubrication, so you might have to improvise with lubes.

5. Talk to your partner

There is nothing to be shy about if you trust your partner. Tell them your health issues.

Tell them where you lack, they can teach you. Tell them when it hurts, they can adjust.

This way, you can make things better in bed.

6. Educate yourself

You as a partner need to bring your own to the table as well. Women should ask more questions when it comes to sex.

Do not expect the men to know it all. You might be the one to introduce things to him. You both can learn new things together.

7. Try new positions

Try new positions, watch sex tutorials if possible. Learn more and practise more. Do not stick to one position simply because you are scared of being judged.

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