13 Unique Questions To Ask On A Date
Couple on a date

13 Unique Questions To Ask On A Date

Oyekunle Idowu

Dating involves two people meeting socially with the aim of each assessing the other's suitability as a prospective partner in an intimate relationship.

It is a form of courtship, consisting of social activities engaged in by the couple, either alone or with others.

First dates can be quite tricky and filled with awkward silences and conversations that end as quickly as they start.

When on a date, try as much as possible to avoid typical boring topics that might trigger awkward moments.

Here are some unique questions that will help kick-start a brilliant conversation and help you get to know your date better to see if you are compatible.

1. What do you do for work?

2. What do you love about your job?

It's advisable to ask follow-up questions and learn more about your date’s career. So the above questions would do.

3. What does an average day look like for you?

You can learn a lot with this question, including whether they are early risers, a night owl, a pet owner, into fitness, or a party animal. You can also learn how they spend their free time.

4. Is there anything you don’t eat?

For an easy conversation starter, you can ask this question after ordering food. You can be quite sure that the answer to this question would give you an idea of the kind of food your date prefers and open the conversation to interesting stories about food.

5. What’s the best advice anyone ever gave you?

This question gives you a glimpse into the life lessons your date has learned and lives by.

6. What’s the most embarrassing thing you did at school/when you were a kid?

We all have embarrassing stories from our childhood and school days. Sharing these embarrassing stories is an excellent way to break the ice on a date.

7. Do you have any nicknames?

Nicknames can be simple, like shortening your name. Or they can have a funny story behind them. So ask this question to exchange funny stories, laugh, and lighten the mood.

8. Where is “Home” for you?

Home can mean different things to different people. It might mean the place the person grew up in, the place where they were born, or the place they’ve made the fondest memories in. Since the home is where the heart is, your date’s answer to this question will give you a sense of where their heart belongs and what matters most to them.

9. What were you like as a kid?

This question opens up the conversation for childhood and family stories.

10. What’s your biggest fear?

Some people might be afraid to ask such a deep and personal question on a date. But if you’re willing to be bold and you’re interested in learning more about your date, you can surprise them with this question.

11. What is something I wouldn’t guess about you?

You can use this question to find out something quirky and interesting about your date, and they may ask you the same question in return.

12. What are you really good at?

While some people might be uncomfortable blowing their trumpet, they should have at least one talent up their sleeve. Asking about your date’s talents not only shows interest, but it can also give you an idea of how they see themselves.

13. Is there anything you’re really passionate about?

Having interests is one thing but being passionate about something means a person has deep feelings about a specific thing or cause. This question is an easy way to find out if your date has strong feelings or is more laid back with milder feelings.

Next time you're going out on a date, you should be able to make the date more fun and interesting from the inspiration you got from reading this article.

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