Grow And Maintain Healthy Nails With These Tips

Grow And Maintain Healthy Nails With These Tips

Whether male or female, keep reading if you want to learn how to grow and maintain long healthy nails.


You might not like to admit it but you turn green with envy every time you see those natural, long well-manicured nails.

It can be really frustrating when you are trying to grow your nails but they just wont to grow!

All they do is chip here and break there, till you are forced to trim them. This vicious cycle goes on and on and you feel like a failure every time you look at your fingers.

Do not give up just yet, with these tips you can be on your way to having a fabulous, healthy-looking nail!

1. Ditch the biting!

For one, we are grateful you have nails in the first place, so let’s try to keep it that way.

Stop biting, nibbling off or trimming your nails with your teeth!! It is dirty and also the reason your nails look the way they do.

If you have a “condition” and can’t seem to stop consciously, you can try using clear polish on them. If that doesn’t work there are several bitter nail concoctions created just for this purpose! Once you nail goes into your mouth, you’d spit it out in no time.

2. Stock Up On Nail Growing Vitamins

If your nails are not growing well you are most likely lacking some vitamins. Meals and supplements rich in vitamins A, B9, H, and C, will speed up and help you grow healthy nails.

Find ways to include bananas, milk, folic, and oranges, into your diet. Get folic acids tablets with a prescription from a pharmacist or a doctor of course.

3. Health Over Length

Long nails are the dream, but if you struggle with constant breakage then there is something most likely wrong with the health of your nail.

Focus on making your nails healthy even if it means you cutting and keeping them short. Short nails are easier to manage also, just focus on the cleanliness of your nails and its health and watch your nail grow without hassle.

4. Let Your Cuticle Rest

The cuticle plays a very important role for the nails; it is basically a cover for the nail.

Whenever you remove or cut your cuticle you are removing the protective layer of the nail and this exposes you to infection, hence, the occasional whitlow.

So when you go for your occasional manicure and pedicure give the instruction to let your cuticle rest.

If you need to rid yourself of a hanging cuticle, ask for a cuticle oil to be massaged on your fingers as opposed to the vicious method of cutting your cuticle.

5. Use A Base Coat To Protect Your Nail

A base coat adds a layer of protection for your nail, especially if you are using another nail polish. It also protects the top layer of your nail. It also gives your nail a nice polished look.

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