4 Positive Ways To Begin Each Day 
Positive mindset

4 Positive Ways To Begin Each Day 

Abiodun Adeoye

The mindset with which you wake in the morning determines how the rest of your day goes. This is as Henry Ward Beecher states: "The first hour of the morning, is the rudder of the day."

In actual fact, the thoughts which go through your mind at night affects your sleep, as well as your mood the next morning. Although many claim that they do not have control over these thoughts which go on in their heads, it is possible to control these thoughts.

The "Law of cause and effect" states that our thoughts are causes and our conditions are the effects.

Here are four positive ways to begin each day.

1. Look forward to a great day

Those who sleep peacefully, and have pleasant dreams rather than fearful nightmares, arise with an open mind and peaceful thoughts. When this occurs, you are capable of focusing on the possibilities rather than the limitations, challenges rather than problems, and how you will win, instead of focusing on the reasons you will fail.

How much more might you accomplish if you replace your negative thoughts with a strong belief in yourself, your talents, and your abilities? A positive attitude and an open, can-do mind makes your smile prevail and expands your possibilities.

2. Worry less about what might go wrong

Having a positive attitude does not mean you go through life with rose-coloured glasses. However, it permits you to focus on true priorities, needs, and concerns rather than sweating the petty stuff. How efficiently and effectively one controls his thoughts and attitude often makes the difference between becoming the best and most capable one versus getting stuck in the rhetorical quagmire.

Individuals expend more time, resources and energy, engaged in non-productive worrying rather than creating contingency plans and preparing for the possibilities in a more productive manner.

3. Do not see only the problems

In life, there are generally both good and bad things that occur, as well as possibilities. How is it productive to anyone to only consider and visualize problems? In fact, merely thinking of obstacles as problems rather than challenges to overcome creates a negative, can't do, mindset.

4. Persevere

Are you willing to fight on, and be persistent when many others become fatalists and give up their efforts or attempts? Will you focus on how best to solve issues, needs, concerns, etc, or will you merely succumb to the worst possible scenarios?

As we said, thoughts are causes and conditions are effects. The easiest way to be happier and have a successful day is to start each day with the best possible mood. When you change your thoughts, you change your condition.

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