Ladies! Learn 3 Ways To Get Your Man To Be More Romantic

Ladies! Learn 3 Ways To Get Your Man To Be More Romantic

Abiodun Adeoye

It is certainly true that most guys don't know a thing about romance. This is not because they are not interested or do not care about it, they are just sometimes clueless about what it means to be romantic.

However, ladies need to be realistic about what they mean by romance. Some of the scenes portrayed by Hollywood are totally unrealistic, so don’t base your romantic scale on them. You should be realistic when it comes to defining what being romantic means to you.

Below are some of the ways to get your man to understand romance and be more romantic:

1. Be Honest

It may be hard to just come clean and tell your man what you expect of him but you'll be glad you did.

Some men need to be told what to do. Men can't read minds and believe it or not, they don't spend a lot of time concocting romantic dinner dates and surprises; at least most of them don't.

Tell your boyfriend or husband what you like and all the things that go into your non-negotiable list like he's not allowed to forget your birthday and anniversary.

Whatever it is, just tell him. If he cares enough about you, you don't have to discuss this with him over and over. It's simple, what's important to you will be important to him as well.

2. Show Him What Romance Is All About

Before expecting your man to be more romantic, you have to ask yourself this question - am I romantic myself? If the answer is no, then don't demand that he sends you flowers in the office or surprise you with a special dinner for two.

You have to do things for him that he finds romantic so he will reciprocate. I don't know what kind of guy won't get it.

Men are not so hard to please and they appreciate a little extra effort here and there.

When he comes home from work, offer to give him a back rub or send him a text message and ask him to go straight to the hot tub as soon as he comes home.

Another thing you can do for him is to cook his favourite dish. If you keep a man happy, he'll be more willing to do things for you.

3. Drop Hints And Give Him Positive Reinforcement.

If you are not the type who will deliberately express what she wants and your man does not have any idea what present to give you, you can drop hints.

If he sees you sitting in front of the computer and asks you what you're doing, tell him you are looking at this gorgeous bracelet that you are dying to have or you want a new perfume for spring.

If you want to get him to be more romantic, you have to encourage him and make sure you give him positive reinforcement. If he does something special for you even if it's just as little as fixing your computer for you, reward him with something he will appreciate like a little sexy time perhaps?

Don't forget to thank him for doing stuff for you and let him know how much you appreciate it. Sometimes a smile or a sweet kiss is all it takes to let him know how much you liked the present or the ice cream cake he brought home for you.

Remember, you should define what being romantic means to you. You should as well be realistic about it. Being romantic could just be a simple gesture of sending you a goodnight text.

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