Pillow talk does not mean talking to your pillow
Pillow talk does not mean talking to your pillow|Orestein Solutions

20 Pillow Talk Ideas To Connect With Your Partners

Getting closer to your partner can become extra simple with these pillow talk ideas.


Pillow talk is an intimate and vulnerable conversation between two lovers, not two friends or siblings but LOVERS.

If you have been experiencing some type of disconnect with your lover both physically and emotionally, this type of safe and genuine communication that usually occurs in bed or while spooning will help spark a connection you have been missing both physically and emotionally as it may happen before or after sex.

If you are confused on how to get started first thing you need to do is block out issues with your relationship, your job, your friends or their relationships, kids, other family members, politics, social media, etc.

To really connect, you and your partner should touch, look into each other’s eyes, hug/spoon, laugh, be ready to reassure the other person while revealing your own insecurities.

If you are exhausted with the current connection with your partner then getting closer to your partner can become extra simple with these pillow talk ideas;

  • Discuss the top five sex position (you have tried with your current partner)
  • Discuss something that reminded you of your partner
  • Discuss something your partner did that made you happy
  • Discuss your biggest insecurity/fear about your relationship
  • Discuss your career aspiration
  • Discuss your sexual fantasies you want to have with your partner
  • Share how you would describe your partner to someone who does not know them
  • Is there something I can do to help you reach your goals faster?
  • Share one thing or habit you would change about yourself if you could
  • Share your memory of the best sex you have had with your partner
  • Share the highlight of your day
  • Share the best day of your life with your partner
  • Share your idea of a romantic evening/day
  • Share your dream job and why you love it
  • Share your dream destination and why it is ideal
  • Share your fondest childhood memory
  • Share your proudest moment and why
  • Share your favourite body part on your partner and why
  • If you had a superhero power what would you want and why
  • Share the one thing that could happen that would make your day

While you might be tempted to lie or embellish a little. resist it and be truly vulnerable. Overall, ensure your pillow talk ends on light and intimate note. There is no other way to enjoy it.

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