4 Signs He Is In Love With You

4 Signs He Is In Love With You

Abiodun Adeoye

For some ladies, knowing how much a man truly loves you might be difficult. You can date a man and still not understand or know how much he loves you.

Maybe he deeply loves you but, for some reason, you do not believe it.

Here are some of the signs that he is in love with you.

1. He is jealous of other men

A man who is in love with you will see the interest of other men which you may not have noticed. He will thus be jealous of people or situations that baffle you, as you are often unable to see what he sees.

2. He wants to make your life easier

Since he is deeply in love with you, he will want to make life more pleasant for you. So, he will go out of his way to do things for you. He will be available for errands, to help out in home repairs etc.

3. He will be there when things are bad

A man who is in love with you will not run away or avoid you when things are not perfect. This means that if you are unwell or are having a bad day, he will be there for (and with) you. A man who likes you but isn't in love with you will want to be around you only when everything is well and will avoid being with you on your bad or sick days, as he simply takes off when he finds you in such a situation.

4. He tests your ability to be a good companion

Another sign that he is in love with you is that he puts to the test your capability to do those things that he thinks are necessary for a good long term relationship. He will observe and may even comment on your good financial sense, your ability to manage your home or whatever it is that he associates with a long term relationship.

If he feels that you are not good in a certain area, he will find ways to help you improve in that area. He sees you as someone he needs long term and so he wants you to have the skills necessary for a harmonious long term relationship.

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