3 Proven Ways To Unlock Your Android Device Without Any Data Loss

3 Proven Ways To Unlock Your Android Device Without Any Data Loss

Oyekunle Idowu

It is really frustrating and stressful when you end up forgetting the password to your mobile device. Forgetting your phone's password is a nightmare! Even worse, being completely locked out of your device.

If you’re in this exact situation, we will guide you on some proven ways to unlock your phone without using the password.

1. Unlock Your Phone With Google Account Password

This method uses your Google Recovery account to unlock your phone from your lock screen.

One of the perks of the Google Account integration is that it is intertwined with most devices, something that will prove useful here.

Tap "Forgot Password?" to open a new menu.

Google Account Unlock

Enter your Google Account details and tap Sign in.

Now you’re all set! Your device will now unlock – giving you full access. The lock code will reset as well, so you won’t have problems in the future, make sure to set a new one, to keep your device secure.

If your Google Account information is not working, you might need to recover it using your PC. All you need to do is go to Google’s account recovery page and follow the steps shown to you.

2. Unlock Your Phone By Booting Into Safe Mode

Please note that this method will only work for phones that make use of a third-party app as its lock screen.

This works by temporarily disabling the third party app and giving you a way to reset the phone.

For most phones, the process of booting into safe mode can be done by bringing up the power menu and long-pressing “Power Off”. You will be asked if you’d like to Reboot to Safe Mode, so press OK.

Clear Data from your lock screen app or even uninstall it, then reboot your phone again to get out of safe mode, when you do so, your phone will be unlocked.

3. Perform Factory Reset

If you are not successful with the above methods, you can opt to perform a factory reset. This method should be the last option since you will lose data that has not been synchronized to your Google Account. It is wise to remove your SD card before performing the Android reset.

First, turn off your Android phone which you forgot the password and remove your SD card if any.

Second, press the Home button+Volume Up and Power button simultaneously on your android phone until it enters recovery mode.

For some Android devices like HTC, you can achieve this by simultaneously pressing the Power button + the Volume up button only.

Once successful, you will be booted to the device system. You will then be able to either wipe data off the device (factory reset), wipe cache partition, or reboot the device whereas the latter will not delete anything.

Once your phone is powered on, you can go to the settings and set another password, pin or pattern for you lock screen.

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