5 Ways To Protect Your Girl-Child From Unwanted Pregnancy
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5 Ways To Protect Your Girl-Child From Unwanted Pregnancy

Are you a parent? Read up on some useful tips on how to protect your girl-child from getting pregnant prematurely.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

Raising the girl-child in an immoral, polluted and harsh society can be quite a difficult task for parents..

Most parents have little or no stress in raising a boy, but they are usually very careful and overprotective when it comes to girls in order to shield them from sexual exploitation and indiscriminate behavior that could lead to an unwanted pregnancy which would in turn influence their future severely.

Some important tips have been outlined below for the proper education and protection of your female child.

1. Build Her Up Morally And Spiritually

Take time for her and teach her how to live a good life with good moral values and standards. Also, be an example for her to emulate.

Most girls always end up like their mothers because that is the only female figure they have around to emulate.

If you are a mother, ask yourself if you will want your daughter to be like you when she grows up and make the necessary adjustments where possible and necessary.

2. Be Your Daughter's Best Friend

You must be her closest and best friend. Share your feelings with her and let her share hers with you.

As soon as you get any opportunity to be alone with her, try to find out how her day at school went, what happened while on her way to school and back and wherever else she went.

This will make her see you as a confidant and she will then be free to open up to you if anything unpleasant ever happens to her.

3. Give Her Freedom

Do not be too strict with your girl-child. Allow her to make friends with both sexes. Let her male friends visit her at home, of course under adult supervision. Welcome them with open arms whenever they come.

This will give all of you an open relationship so you will be able to monitor her friends and acquaintances and decipher those that are genuine and those that are just trying to take advantage of her.

4. Give Her Full Financial Support

A girl needs more money than a guy because she has more needs and has to maintain herself. Therefore, provide everything she needs financially. This way she will never have any reason to fall into that trap of depending on guys and even older men who will eventually take advantage of her because of money.

Buy her gifts. Take her out to fun places. Buy her nice clothes and shoes and make her feel like a princess so she will never have to go out there seeking validation from men.

5. Teach Her Early Enough

Start early enough to teach your female child about sex and all it’s dynamics. Give her sex education early enough. Ask her questions. Make it interactive.

Let her feel free to ask you questions at any time about sex, menstruation and pregnancy. Ask for her opinion and get feedbacks about any experience she must have had.

Build her strong and arm her with information so she won’t have to ever be deceived or taken advantage of out of ignorance and naivety.

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