4 Signs You Are Too Generous

4 Signs You Are Too Generous

Oyekunle Idowu

Generosity is a wide concept and could include giving your time, your skills or your money.

Generally, it is perceived as the altruistic provision of something that'll substantially improve the receiver's existence and improve the life of the giver.

Generosity makes our world a better place, yet being too generous can be detrimental to your health. Being too generous can also mean freely giving your time, skills and resources. A healthy dose of volunteering is good for everyone.

Here are four signs that you are too generous:

1. It’s hard to say "No"

It almost feels like it is not in you to be able to refuse people even when you are being thoroughly disadvantaged. You feel like it would make you a terrible person to say no to even the most outlandish requests people make. You will pull a complete overhaul in your routine if you have to but you will not say no.

Being truly selfless means taking time to take care of yourself, so that you can be of utmost service to someone else. You can’t take care of anyone if you’re exhausted, drama-riddled, and about to have a nervous breakdown. You’ve got to take care of yourself first, and that means saying "no" more.

2. Mental instability

While there is certainly some amount of pleasure in helping others, people who are too generous often end up with unintended consequences, such as depression or anxiety, because every bone in their body reaches out to everyone but themselves.

There is definitely a lot of joy in helping others but that is not how life can go on for anyone. They have to care for their own body, soul and heart as well.

3. Limited alone time

You are always making space for other people and dedicating quality time just to make sure other people do not feel alone.

If you feel overwhelmed, you just tell yourself that you are being selfish and keep going and pushing yourself beyond your limits. If you relate to this, please try finding some time for yourself.

Consider dropping some things off your schedule if it’s overcrowded and attend to those that are of utmost priority.

4. Too many people turn to you

While giving can feel good, it can also create discomfort if we're repeatedly on the giving end of the stick.

Being too generous is not good, especially when we are inclined to give everything we're capable of giving. We do not have to please others by putting their needs first and neglecting ours. We should not be afraid if we disappoint others sometimes.

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