When Should You Introduce Your Partner To Family And Friends?

Can't decide on the right time to introduce your new partner to close friends and family? These questions can help you determine if you are ready for introductions.

Titilayo Olurin

There is no easy way to determine the right time to introduce someone you just started dating to your closest folks. While some take their time and wait months or even years, others introduce their love interest to close friends and family after a few dates.

Whatever you decide to do, you should remember that introducing your partner to the people who mean the world to you is not something you should rush into. Besides considering when, you also have to plan how and where to make the introductions.

So, you just started dating and cannot wait for your closest folks to meet this person, but you are not sure when to do it. Here, find five questions that can guide you while making the 'when' decision.

1. Are you in a serious, committed relationship?

Before you take the step to introduce your new date to your loved ones, be sure that your partner is just as committed as you are to the relationship. Is your relationship still in the first stage of excitement? If it is, you should probably hold off on introductions. There are no guarantees when your relationship is still new and in the first stage. This is because you are not sure if you are both in it for the long haul. You should at least wait until your relationship is in the second stage before making introductions.

2. Is your partner a keeper?

There is no point introducing someone who might not stick around to family and friends. Be certain that your new partner is the one. They should take the relationship seriously and not take you for granted. If you are uncertain about your partner, making introductions is not advisable. Watch out for signs that your partner wants to be with you and do not ignore the red flags.

3. Are you rushing it?

Relationship experts argue that it takes five to six months to know a person and get comfortable with them. So, do not rush into anything. Give the relationship time to grow and nurture it before making any important decisions. The more time you spend with your partner, the more you get to know them. Do not take those first few months for granted. Waiting before making that introduction does not mean you are confused, it just means that you want to be certain about your relationship before taking a huge step.

4. Does it feel right?

If it does not feel right, it probably isn't right. Do not ignore your heart and nerves. They say all you need to know. Unusual edginess and jittery nerves could be signs that you you are not ready to introduce your significant other to your loved ones. A lack of excitement is another sign that the time is not right. Listen to your heart. Besides, waiting can help you decide if you want to be with this person without the influence of friends and family.

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