Toxic relationship
Toxic relationship

Toxic Relationships Are Real! Here's How To Tell If You Are In One

Toxic relationships are all too common and you might be in one. See signs that you are.

Titilayo Olurin

A healthy relationship is everyone's dream. No one wants to be in a relationship that is destructive. Toxic relationships are just that - toxic! They can affect you in a way that leaves you broken and unhappy, with a low self-esteem. This will ultimately have a negative effect on your life, work and relationship with friends and family.

Yet, even the strongest individuals find themselves in toxic relationships. Not all of these relationships start out bad, though. Many start as healthy relationships with both partners being head over heels in love. But things begin to change and a partner becomes toxic, making the other partner feel less of themselves.

Some are in toxic relationships without realising it. See signs that you are in one.

1. Your Partner is Jealous and Controlling

Jealousy is not a sign of love. So, push the idea that your partner is jealous because they love you out of your mind. When they are jealous each time you call, text, or hang out with other members of the opposite sex besides them, you should know that you are in a toxic relationship and it is time to take a walk. A jealous partner is usually controlling, doing everything in their power to check all your activities and stalk your every move in public and on social media.

2. Your Partner Keeps Score

If your partner does not let go of past mistakes and keeps bringing them up every chance they get, you are in a toxic relationship. Keeping score is no way to show love and it is one obvious sign that you are with someone who does not care about you. When your partner keeps score, they want to prove that you have done more wrongs than they have and that is as unhealthy as relationships get.

3. Your Partner Plays the Blame Game

A partner who blames the other person in the relationship for everything that goes wrong - real or perceived - is toxic. As far as they are concerned, you are always at fault and they are quick to point it out. They never apologise because they do not think they are wrong. They refuse to take responsibility for any wrongdoing and never admit to a mistake. They blame you for how they feel, their emotions and mood swings.

4. Your Partner is Abusive

Whether it is physical, sexual, verbal or emotional, abuse is destructive. A relationship where one partner abuses the other is definitely toxic. Nothing damages your physical, mental, and emotional health faster than abuse. Because you have endured abuse for so long, you begin to think that you deserve it and continue to put up with it. But remember, there are no justifications for abuse and you should get out now while you can.

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