Jara Beach Resort
Jara Beach Resort

Where Would You Rather Spend The Weekend? Epe Resort Or Jara Beach Resort

The weekend is here! Which of these two resorts is your choice location for that much needed and long-postponed getaway?

Titilayo Olurin

You have had a long, hard week and will give anything for some pampering. What you need is a weekend getaway, far from the stress of work, traffic and homemaking.

Maybe you having been planning one for a long time and just have not had the time to get around to it. You are even now mentally prepared for it, picturing yourself alone or with friends and family, sipping cocktails on the beach. Still, you are undecided on where to go.

Here, we take a look at two of the most popular resorts in Lagos that are just perfect for that much needed weekend getaway.

Epe Resort and Spa

With a lovely beach and a delightful scenery that gives you a Bahamian or Hawaiian vibe, it is not hard to imagine why Epe Resort and Spa is called a sub-tropical paradise. This resort has 40 luxury rooms, a table tennis court which doubles as a basketball court, and a swimming pool. You are surrounded by beautiful gardens that provide a relaxing atmosphere for the right amount of rejuvenation.

Some major attractions of the resort include the rooftop bar and pizzeria for night parties, as well as lovers of pizza, and a fancy spa that pampers visitors to massages, facials, pedicure and manicure. So, whether you are planning to have some time to yourself or spend time with family and friends, this is perfect for the ultimate getaway.

Jara Beach Resort

Besides enjoying luxury at its finest, visitors are guaranteed the tranquillity of nature at Jara Beach Resort. The palm trees therein do not only add to the beauty of green scenery which this resort is known for but also make for the perfect relaxation spots by the swimming pool.

The pool of clean, blue water, which is safe for children and adults, a table tennis court where visitors can enjoy an afternoon or evening of games and fun, as well as a fire pit that is ideal for a nightcap, are some splendors of this resort. From local and traditional to intercontinental, there is a variety of dishes to choose from on a visit to this resort.

So, where would you rather go for the perfect weekend getaway?

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