Relationship deal-breakers
Relationship deal-breakers

Relationship Deal-breakers: How Your Non-Negotiables Protect You From Heartache

Learn the truth about relationship deal-breakers and how they can save you from heartache.

Titilayo Olurin

There are a number of things that determine your choice of a partner, from compatibility and honesty to good looks and a great sense of humour.

You probably have a list of qualities or traits your partner must possess before you even consider dating them.

This list contains your deal-makers, those things that are required of a mate before a relationship with them can work.

Your list reflects your preferences, tastes and desires, without which you are sure to settle for almost about anyone.

Just as you have dealmakers, you should have deal-breakers. These are the non-negotiable things that you cannot stand or accept in a relationship.

Different people have different deal-breakers, and while some may seem more trivial than others, they set a standard for you and make dating a whole lot easier.

Deal-breakers are just as important as dealmakers, although there is generally more focus on the latter than on the former.

Here, we take a look at how they can protect you from heartache.

1. They make you less confused

Deal-breakers help you have a clear picture of the kind of person you want to be in a relationship with. They let you know what you will absolutely not tolerate in your relationship and prevent you from making grave dating mistakes. With deal-breakers, you know for sure what you do not want and are not left confused about who to date. They can help you make up your mind quickly about someone.

2. They prevent you from settling for less

Some people remain miserable in relationships because they settled for less. This does not have to be you. If you have deal-breakers and do not compromise on them each time you meet someone who ticks just one box off your list but is left wanting in other areas, you will likely not settle for less. You are guaranteed a healthy, loving and satisfying relationship when you know what you want or do not want in a relationship.

3. They reveal your values, standards and principles

Having deal-breakers does not mean that you are picky, it simply means that you have values, standards and principles that you expect to be met and will not compromise on. You appreciate honesty, trust, and respect and will not tolerate anything different. So, things like cheating, lying, and abuse are things you consider deal-breakers, as you are not willing to compromise on your values and standards.

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