Easy Steps On How To Make Gbegiri Soup

Easy Steps On How To Make Gbegiri Soup


Ilori Titilayo

Gbegiri soup is a local Yoruba word meaning beans soup.

Gbegiri soup is one of the most popular traditional soup in the western part of Nigeria.

It is mostly eaten by the Yorubas but it is being appreciated by other ethnic groups like the Igbo’s and Hausas.

The food is also popular in other African countries and especially in West Africa.


1. Onions

2.Palm oil


4. Beans

5. Potash

How to prepare:

Step 1

Soak the beans in a bowl of water for about 20 minutes, wash out the shaft and pour into a pot

Step 2

Cook for about 20 minutes adding your potash to make it soft.

When you sure it cook, use a short strong neat broom to mash it till soft

Step 3

Add the onions, seasoning, pepper, and palm oil and allow it to steam for 10 minutes. Add salt to taste

Step 4

Then serve with Amala or Eba.

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