Health Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water

Health Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water


Ilori Titilayo

Water is good for your health, there are several benefits of drinking plenty of water. Water is essential in making sure that our body runs as it should at all times.

Most of us prefer drinking cold water to hot, without thinking of the benefits of drinking hot water.

Below are the reasons why you should drink more of hot water in a day:

1.  Hot water is good at flushing out fat deposits, and it can greatly improve your blood circulation. Two cups of hot water a day can increase your metabolism by 30 percent, you should try it.

2. Drinking hot water help to ease a woman’s period cramps. The heat relaxes muscles in that area and relieves the pain.

3. The more water you drink, the more hydrated you are, and this increases your metabolism.

It also helps to ease a sore throat pain, the heat will dissolve the thick viscous mucous membrane that are causing problems.

4. Hot water helps to unclog pores, which help to increase elasticity in the face and also help to repairs cells quicker, giving an overall anti-aging effect.

5. It helps to stimulate better digestion, so your body won’t have to use so much energy to break down the food you are eating.

6. It helps to flush out more toxins as you urinate and sweat. As you drink hot water your body temperature rises and you will sweat more.

7. The more hot water you drink, the more regular your bowel movements will be. Constipation is often a result of dehydration, hot water helps to break down food faster.

8. Hot water is good for cleansing your skin because the high temperatures open your pores and allow the toxins to be flushed out.

9. It helps the hair to grow stronger and faster, it also activates the nerves at the roots of your hair, helping to make them soft.

10. Once your skin and scalp stay hydrated, then you don’t have to deal with dandruff at all times. It also helps to kill bacteria and microbes

Make drinking hot water a habit, today and enjoy these benefits.

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