How To Make Ofada Stew

How To Make Ofada Stew


Ilori Titilayo

Ofada stew is usually made by the Yorubas or has this local delicious taste you cannot resist in a hurry and it is not expensive to prepare. Try it out


1.Beef, Shaki, cow, ponmo (cow skin) or assorted meat.

2.  Bulb of onions

3. 10 green scotch bonnet peppers- atarodo

4. 2 green bell pepper – Tatashe

5. 4 red scotch bonnet pepper

6. 2 wraps of locust beans (iru)

7. 3 cooking spoons of palm oil seasoning

8. Salt to taste

How to prepare

Cut the beef and other assorted meat into small pieces, rinse and put them in a clean pot, season, sliced onions, add water and salt to taste then boil till tender or fry (optional)

Blend the green and red scotch bonnet pepper, bell pepper, and a whole onion (The blended result may not look nice but never mind)

After blending, pour the pepper mixture into a separate pot and cook on high heat till all the water dries up.

Bleach three cooking spoons of palm oil till it turns clear, chop a whole onion and pour into the bleached palm oil, rinse and add the locust beans immediately, followed by your pepper mixture.

Fry for five minutes then pour in your stock (water from your boiled beef/ chicken) followed by your beef/ ponmo/ shaki/ and other assorted, then fry all for another five minutes.

Season, add salt to taste and cover to steam.

By now, the quantity of the blended pepper should have shrunk and the oil settles on top (that’s when you know it’s done)

If not, continue frying till you achieve that. Turn off the stove and serve with rice, yam, boiled plantain, Eko/agidi and enjoy.

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