Side Effects of Expired Makeup

Side Effects of Expired Makeup

Eniola Awokoya

Titilayo Ilori

Almost all women forget to check the expiry date of make-up, and apply it regardless, simply because it is on their dressing table or in their beauty box.

Expired makeup, has many side effects when it is applied on the skin. As you know, makeup has several chemicals in its composition and its chemistry totally consists of different elements. All the elements or the chemicals play their proper role for a proper time limit and after passing the time, they lose their liveliness and become dead.

Bacteria and some viral organisms start to  grow on these expired chemicals and when they are applied on the skin, then they leave a harmful impact on your skin. It causes pimples and freckles on the skin surface.

Allergic problems are produced on the epidermis of skin and could spread on the whole face, which could also make the entire face become rough due to the mistake of carelessness.

It is important to get rid of make up once it expires. You might actually acquire skin breakouts like rashes and other skin related disease due to expired make up. Expired cosmetics can also cause pink eye which can be so irritating.

Cosmetic products usually don’t have expiration labels, so it is hard to determine whether it is expired or not. Makeup expiration dates serve only as a guide and there are times when the product expires long before its actual term if it is not stored well. From the time that you use a product, it acquires bacteria and its life span decreases. It is best to handle the product with care.

If you notice any changes in product like its texture or smell, throw it right away. Make up usually consists of preservatives that can kill bacteria acquired through common use. However based on research, any make up that you purchase may contain little bacteria.

As soon as you open a make-up product, airborne bacteria may rush in right away. You can also add to the bacteria especially if handling it with dirty hands.

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