Top 10 Fashion Accessories For Men

Top 10 Fashion Accessories For Men


Ilori Titilayo

We talk about must-have accessories for women, but what about the men? There are few and simple fashion accessories every man should have on hand in case plans change and you need to alter your look.

You are what you wear, this is true not only with the clothing you choose but also the accessories that highlight both your style and your wardrobe.

Each year the accessories that matter most to men shift with new trends, keep your eyes peeled on what is important when you buy accessories. Now let’s list the most important must-have for men.

1. Wristwatches:

when it comes to men’s fashion accessories, a wristwatch can go a long way in giving a boost to one’s wardrobe. Not only is it associated with time tracking but it is a fashion statement as well.

Whether a formal or an informal event, you would always be able to find something to go with it. Watches are versatile in terms of style, shape, colour, and size you can opt for something modest or outstanding based on your taste.

2. Belts: 

A belt is very important when it comes to men’s accessories, remember that leather must match leather; your belt must match your shoe.

3. Wallet:

The key factor a man should look for in a wallet is what materials they are made from and how much they will hold.

Money clips fall into the wallet category because they streamline what a man has to carry around. Whether you feel a leather wallet or a stainless steel, remember that a good wallet reflects your personality

4. Sunglasses:

Aside from looking stylish and masculine, sunglasses help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays that can damage your vision. Sunglasses can also reduce the number of wrinkles in the eye area

5. Tie Bars and Clips:

Men want their tie accessories, such as tie tacks, bar, and clips to complement their favorite ties.

While enhancing their business looks and expressing their personal style. Steel, rhodium, nickel, silver, and gold are a few quality metals you’ll find in a tie clip design.

6. Cufflinks:

The easiest way to spruce up your style is to add cufflinks. The most popular cufflinks colours are silver and gold and make sure you match them with the colour of your belt buckle.

7. Bracelets:

Fewer men are wearing watches these days. But many men still desire to wear something that makes a fashion statement.

Which is why simple and masculine bracelets are making their way into more men’s wrists.

8. Necklace:

A little goes a long way, one classy necklace can give a great impression. It is best to have at least one necklace in your collection.

9. Bags: 

When on the go, the modern man usually carries a full load, a smartphone, a laptop, a wallet, camera, a book or two, you name it.

The way you carry it can say a lot about your personality, as the bag you spot can be a strong accent to your personal style.

10. Money clips: 

Carrying cash when you aren’t carrying it in a wallet can be complicated and risky unless you have it neatly secured with a functional money clip.

When you draw cash out of your pocket or briefcase, the way you have it secured says a lot to the people around you.

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