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Ways To Avoid Underarm Stain

Ways To Avoid Underarm Stain


Ilori Titilayo

Nothing good comes out of having brownish sweat stains on your shirt that originates from your armpit.

Not only is a sweaty armpit embarrassing, but it could also lead to a derail in your social status and body odour.

If you don’t want underarm sweats ruining your favorite shirt or dress, then the best ways to beat these stains is to follow these steps.

These tips will help you prevent sweat stains from occurring.

1. Always trim your armpit hair, the armpit hair collects excess sweat, dirt, and bacteria causing sweat stains.

You can prevent the sweat stains and odour causing bacteria by trimming or completely shaving off your armpit hair.

2. Deodorant can cause stains on your shirt. Apply it lightly and allow it to dry before dressing, to avoid stains

3.If you want to avoid sweat stains on your favourite clothes, ensure you wear an undershirt to absorb the stain.
Better still, use sweat pads or sweat guards.

4. Try to wash the stain immediately, don’t leave a sweaty shirt to dry before washing as the longer you leave a sweaty shirt, the stronger the stain sets in.

Don’t use the washing machine to was a stained shirt, hand wash is better, apply a bit more detergent and cold water to get rid of the stain.

5. Apply a strong deodorant or an antiperspirant body spray and always allow it dry before getting dressed.

This will prevent bacteria-prone sweat from staining your shirts.

Ways To Avoid Underarm Stain