Little Secrets

Once upon a time in every diary…Dazzles!

Yvonne Williams

Once upon a time in every diary, lies an untold tale of a somewhat ridiculous fascination, forever hidden and engraved in each soul…

Mmm…Dear Diary, always there with her enticingly- invincible- soothing shoulders, urging you to lean on!

Oh! Our Dearest, Dearest Diary, everly present with open arms in eager anticipation, luring you with the irresistible warmth of a friend, as she bewitches you with her every charm, locking you in an intoxicating embrace!

Indeed! Man’s one true companion! Constantly listening, yet, never judging and forever yearning to update our every conquest, with nothing but the purest of intentions.

As the pages flip open, she displays with sheer delight her effortless ability to strip us bear of the ‘Borrowed Sophistication’ and reveals with artistic splendor our inner vulnerability. Just how she does it? Why – By renting every fabulous facade of composure, we’ve ever staged in front of the world of course! …As teardrops spill unashamedly!

Gradually, as time gracefully glides by, she awakens us from our ‘enchanted daze’ with amazing dexterity, revealing the misguided tour of the heart, in its frantic search, for its one true love!

…I’d always thought this was how the story would go; the day begins like every other normal day- The sun rises at sunrise, the grass- green, trees swaying rhythmically in sweet surrender to the freshness of the morning breeze, characterized by the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life…

And at that instant, as though a fairy tale, fate works her magic! She ordains it! Your paths cross…it feels like you’ve known forever. He gets you like no one else…Sees right through you to the centre of your being! Oh, how to put it???- Yeah, I got it!-The merging of two souls as one! Two hearts one beat!!!

Hmm, as the world stands still, itching and eagerly anticipating the unfolding of a new chapter! Uh-huh! This had forever been my theory- ‘Compatibility meaning Rightness!’

Funny, I had this secret fantasy in my teens (Which I embarrassingly nurtured till adulthood) where it’s just pretty little confused moi, all alone in my room debating within myself, cos I’d fallen for a guy and was contemplating the possibility of him being- ‘The One,’ while looking up dreamily to the sky for answers…And then suddenly, I hear it…that still small voice! It’s perfectly clear, as it announces with undeniable clarity- ‘Yvonne my child, he’s definitely the one!’ and with that, I return overly excited grabbing my prince charming, living happily ever after!!! (Needless to say, it never did work that way for me!).

Honestly, if I’ve gotta tell it like it is, truth is, I’d always been terrified of making the wrong choice (Don’t blame me, after all it’s ‘accompanying drama(s)’- Heartbreak, blah, blah, blah…, ain’t exactly something a tender heart looks forward to!). So, I kinda found myself settling for ‘Compatibility meaning Rightness’ at least this, was near perfection!

Over the years however, one thing I got to realise was this: when you deprive yourself the simple pleasure(s) of getting to know ‘Prospective(s), locking yourself in dreamy isolation, while waiting for fate to come gliding through with your ‘Perfect Match’ on her magic carpet, you tend to fall for the wrong person!

Wondering why? This is cos when you shut out other options without mingling socially, somehow along the line, someone’s gonna appear out of the blues who just seems like your every dream… Conversations just keep rolling as you chatter all day long, with time becoming non- existent; he completely gets you like no one else and unconsciously, the mere mention of his name just gets you blushing uncontrollably!

Now, that’s the point where you begin to read more to it, than it really is- Just cos you guys seem to ‘click’, you automatically feel you’re right for each other!

Sadly, as the clock ticks and time passes, signs begin to creep up vividly…then you’ll probably find yourself tending to cover up with excuses like- ‘After all, it’s really not supposed to be perfect…’ till it becomes painfully obvious, then it all sinks! Every action you thought ‘special’ really wasn’t; the regular exchange of phone calls…unending conversations and all! These were obviously the normal ‘friendly pleasures’ a normal friend would gladly fulfill, without any strings attached.

Oh, and of course! How about the ‘Overwhelming Compatibility’ which fascinated you beyond your imagination? Well, that notion definitely changes, when you at last decide to live your life like every other single out there- ‘Free and single, Ready to mingle!’

Suddenly, with shocking revelation, it dawns on you, the hidden truth! As you realise, you can indeed be compatible with more than one prospective at a time. Really, compatibility isn’t just something magical that amazingly sparks up, when you meet that ‘Special Person,’ nope it isn’t!

Gradually with experience, you’ll understand all compatibility does really, is simply- ‘Increases the perspectives’ chances of being the right person! Just because someone’s compatible with you, doesn’t mean they’re right for you. Compatibility isn’t necessarily rightness!!! And that, ladies and gentlemen is how it all clicks! Sadly, with this illumination, the heart breaks!

Hilariously, this is how every love story gone sour usually ends…’he was all so wrong, yet, he felt so right!’ sounds familiar, huh? Laughs!!! I can almost bet most of us can identify with that ‘Oh, so familiar line!’ (Shakes head and smiles); Funny, when we look back and laugh- The mistakes we made, all in the name of love!!!…DAZZLES!

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