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Gun Raid at NYSC Lodge in Abeokuta

Gun Raid at NYSC Lodge in Abeokuta

Joy Bewaji

This happened in Abeokuta. A four-man gang of armed robbers, on Saturday, invaded the residence of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members serving in Ogun State, at gunpoint.

The NYSC lodge is located behind Development Centre, Presidential Boulevard, Abeokuta.

The frightening event happened at about 3a.m, and is the third of similar robbery incident in five months.

After the operation, the robbers disappeared through the bushes.

According to the Corp members, two of the bandits moved from one room to another, while the other two stood guard outside.

Sources said efforts were ongoing to provide adequate surveillance in the area.

My opinion: I consider Nigeria largely unsafe for Corps members deployed to strange rural areas with zero security, and sometimes tribal suspicion. What if the entire NYSC system is scrapped? Or at least a long break to review its mission and score its deathly losses and mistakes over the years?

We do not have enough trust to continue to put graduates in a position that threatens their safety. I think.

Source: Vanguard