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Wow! Girl, 20, narrowly escapes being slaughtered by ritualists

Wow! Girl, 20, narrowly escapes being slaughtered by ritualists

Ezinne Osuagwu

Residents of Big Daddy Street in the Atinplome, Bagadry area of Lagos State, on Tuesday, stormed an uncompleted building in the area, which they suspected to be a ritual killer’s den, after a lady ran out of the building crying for help.

It was learnt that while a carnival was going on in the area, a woman in her late 20s, whose name is unknown, ran into the party with her throat partly slashed and blood streaming down the length of her body at about 2am.
The lady, who later became unconscious told the crowd that an Alfa, identified as Mallam Sheu, had tricked her into the uncompleted structure before slitting her throat with a knife. She was rushed to the hospital and the matter reported to the Police.
It was learnt that in the morning, more residents went into the scene of the crime and they said they found bloodstains, old clothes, charms and ladies’ clothes inside the structure.
A resident who identified herself as Mummy Eso, said youths in the area attempted to burn the uncompleted building in the afternoon, because they thought that the lady had died of her injuries.
Mummy Eso a resident there said:
“There was commotion in our area in the midnight when boys holding a street party saw the girl bleeding from the throat. The girl, who just managed to speak, pointed to the structure and said an alfa had attempted to kill her, but she managed to escape.
“One of her hands had also been tampered with. So, the youths became furious and headed for the uncompleted building. Some policemen, who were also on guard duties at the carnival were informed about the incident and they went too. But information had got to the man, and he escaped before they could arrest him.
“Since morning, people have been coming to the area to check the building. They attempted to burn it in the afternoon.”
Another resident, identified as Akeem Ajao, who visited the building, said the youths found old bloodstains, clothes and charms.
He said:
The lady ran into the carnival with blood streaming out of her body. One of those at the carnival saw her and came to her rescue. She said a man was in the house trying to slaughter her.
“We rushed the girl to a hospital, where she is now receiving treatment. We did not know that the alfa used the house to do evil works. The girl’s clothes were bloodstained. The police have also come to the area this morning.
When I entered the house, I saw bloodstains, charms and a human bone was also in the man’s car – a Gulf 4 vehicle. It was the boys holding the carnival who noticed the girl.
“The girl’s neck was cut. Nobody knows the family of the girl involved. The man has run away from the area.”
It was gathered that the alfa had been having an affair with the lady, before he took her to the uncompleted building on the evening of the carnival.
The matter was said to have been reported at the Morogbo Police Division, and some policemen came to the scene, but the alfa had already fled the scene of the crime.