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I have been Alfa’s sex slave for two years – Housewife confesses

Yvonne Williams

50-year-old Dayo Kamorudeen, a taxi driver in the Lekki area of Lagos, heard the most shocking secret his wife of more than 20 years had been keeping from him.

According to Kamorudeen, it appeared that a spell had been placed upon his wife when she told him on Sunday, January 17 that she was visiting Akute, a border town between Ogun and Lagos states.

Kamorudeen said he lived with his wife and three children in Akute for many years until two years ago when he relocated to his new house in Oke-Ogun area of Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos.

“My wife told me he was going to Akute that day and she was really adamant as usual. Anytime she said she wanted to go to Akute, there was nothing anybody could say to stop her.

“But this last Sunday, I had to ask her what exactly she was going to do at Akute since we had left the place two years ago. Even if she had a relation there that I did not know about, shouldn’t the person too visit her once in a while?

“She then started crying, mentioning the name of Alfa Shehu Lukman, the Islamic cleric that was teaching my children Qur’anic studies before we left Akute. I remembered that before we left the community, my last daughter suddenly said she was never going to attend the Alfa’s Qur’anic class anymore.

“I asked my wife what the Alfa did and by the time she was done, I was too shocked to even know what to say. I was looking at my wife and she suddenly seemed like a stranger to me, like she was not the same woman I married in 1996. I just could not believe what she was telling me.

“She was crying and said if I did not allow her to visit Alfa, he would kill me and our children and she too would run mad.”

Kemi told the Punch that while they were still living at Akute, she had a dream one day. Since her husband was away at work at the time, she said she had to turn to Alfa Shehu Lukman for help.

She said, “The dream was frightening. I narrated the dream to him and he told me that a spirit husband was behind my problem. He said the problem required an urgent solution so that the spirit husband would not be able to kill me.

“He told me that after I had taken my bath the following day, I should call him and he would come with the medicine. The following morning, I took my bath and called him.

“When he came, he brought out a razor and some medicine he had prepared and said he would need to make an incision on my private part. I asked why he couldn’t just explain how it would be done so that my husband could do it for me when he came back from work but he said that it was a taboo for husbands to handle such medicine.

“He told me that to ward off the spirit husband, the incision was just the preliminary treatment. He said the medicine would be rubbed on the incision after it had been made.

“I agreed to it and he was making the incision when he suddenly grabbed my neck and forced himself on me. He raped me on the three-seater couch in our sitting room.”

Kemi explained that after Lukman had his way with her, he brought out some drugs and a Qur’an and told her that if she dared to disclose what he did to anybody, her husband and children would die while she would run mad.

She said as she was visibly shaking in fright, he made her swear to secrecy with the Qur’an.

The 45-year-old artisan said “He told me not to worry and that the spirit husband would leave me alone so far as I heeded his instructions. I asked why he would do such a terrible thing to me when he knew my children and husband.

“He said what was done was done. He said he used a medicine on me while raping me and that he would leave me to my problem if I decided to make a scene. He said I would simply run mad.

“He said another condition that would make me to retain my sanity was that anytime he needed sex and he called me, I must always heed his call wherever I was and that I must not tell anyone.”

“I have been his sex slave for the past two years because of this. He calls me anytime he wants sex. Sometimes he sleeps with me in our house when my husband is away, sometimes he demands that I should come to his house in Akute.”

Kamorudeen said he could recall that since they left Akute two years ago, his wife had visited the place more than 30 times.

In reaction, when a visit was paid to Lukman,he said he is 52 years old and an indigene of Abeokuta, Ogun State.

He said, “There is no quarrel between us, so I don’t know where all these rape allegations are coming from. I am really shocked but truly, they consult with me regularly on spiritual issues.

“I am a spiritual doctor to the woman and her children. It is true that I made incisions on her, but it was not on her private part. It was just beside her private part, on the inner part of her thighs.

“I have been a spiritualist for more than 30 years and I do not lie. It is true that I also did a treatment for her daughter which required a spiritual bath. There is nothing strange in that. There is a stream not far from here where she had the bath.

Source: www.punchng.com