Ese Oruru likely to relocate from Bayelsa to accelerate healing process

Ese Oruru likely to relocate from Bayelsa to accelerate healing process

Yvonne Williams

The rescued 14 year old girl, Ese Oruru, may relocate from Bayelsa State after leaving her temporary abode at the police officers mess in Yenagoa to accelerate her healing  process. Ese was allegedly abducted in Bayelsa State last August and taken to Kano State where she was converted to Islam and was to be married out without the consent of her parents.

The minor who was rescued and returned to Yenagoa after six months sojourn in the ancient city of Kano is currently sheltered at the magnificent Police Officers Mess at the insistence of the police authorities. Security sources told Saturday Vanguard that the decision to accommodate her at the highly fortified facility was to save her the trauma of having to contend with the army of visitors that would daily throng her parents home. Only the parents and medical team have access to the 14 year old girl at the police facility, which presently serve as her home. Though journalists and other unwanted guests were barred from seeing the teenager, it was gathered that the wife of the state commissioner of police, has been a regular visitor and is also assisting in the counselling process to enable her pick up the pieces of her life. “She is gradually regaining her composure. But she will need to relocate from the state to a place she is not known so that she can start afresh after leaving her temporary abode. “Taking the girl back home may affect her healing process because of the number of people that will be trooping in to catch a glimpse of her,” a security source told Saturday Vanguard.


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