Need for hygiene in every business

Need for hygiene in every business

Willy Bantu

One would wonder the rationale behind selling boiled corn beside a pile of dirt. Is she too busy to clear the rubbish? Or she’s just lazy.

Perhaps it is the nonchalant attitude most Nigerians are known for.

Yet she’d have customers, loyal ones at that, who wouldn’t mind patronising her irrespective of the refuse in front of her wares.

She’d have long closed shop if she didn’t.

Remove your mind from the health complications for a second, the appalling sight alone should suffice in discouraging anyone from indulging her.

Should she be allowed to continue doing her business in such filth? What are the necessary health and environment regulators doing about it?

Health is apparently not wealth for her and her ilk.

Photo Credit: Temitope Aina

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