Seeking Shelter From The Rain

Seeking Shelter From The Rain

Yusuf Busari

It’s been raining all day and all of a sudden it stops, allowing the sun a weak peek on the drenched terrain. There is relief and gratitude etched on the faces of people as they hurriedly pound the streets to their various destination.

Suddenly, the atmosphere changes; there’s an unprecedented dark cloud hovering. Just before anyone can fathom the outcome of the cloudy weather, the heaven opens with torrential downpour, greeted by violent wind laced with shrieks and groans from already stranded commuters.

Helter-skelter they run, seeking shelter from the pelting rain. Some find refuge under the comfort of their umbrellas or nearby trees,others bus stands while some resign to fate, getting soaked as they make head way in the rain.

Commuters seeking refuge at a Bus stand in Ikoyi, Lagos

 School children walking in the rain at Dolphin Estate in Lagos

Photography by Bamigbala Adekola

Happenings Media