Why Does the Rain Bring Out the Worst in Lagos?

Why Does the Rain Bring Out the Worst in Lagos?

Titilayo Olurin

Whether it comes as light showers, drizzle, heavy downpour or thunder storms, we embrace the natural phenomenon called rain when we need a respite from the scorching heat. Still, we cannot deny the fact that the rain does little to conceal the inadequacy of basic infrastructure in Lagos.

Even the lightest of drizzles is the perfect excuse for electricity supply to cease for as long as a week, a month, two or even more. There is also a general look of filthiness in the state when it rains, especially if it stretches into days. During this cold, wet season, an unimaginable amount of trash and debris can be seen on the streets. This is largely caused by the state government’s refusal to take stringent measures against the random disposal of waste and provide adequate infrastructure for waste disposal. As a result of this, the poor drainage system in most parts of Lagos worsens, and this in turn causes flood in such areas.

During this season, too, the Lagos traffic builds, there is usually a ridiculous hike in bus fares, and commercial buses practically disappear into thin air. Many commuters are thus left stranded at bus stops or by the road, staying on long, unending queues, especially on mornings when everyone is in a mad rush to get to work. There is no doubt that the rain brings out the very worst in Lagos and we know why – the state government’s nonchalance towards providing basic infrastructure along with social amenities.

Photo Credit: Bamigbala Adekola

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