Can Lagos Buses Ever Get It Right?

Can Lagos Buses Ever Get It Right?

Yusuf Busari

Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, in his hit song ‘Suffering and Smiling’ hashed out a popular phrase “49 sitting, 99 standing”.  While he might have been referring to public transport, known as Molue buses, the cramped nature of buses is suggestive of all kinds of buses used for public transportation.

a commercial bus whose boot is tied with a rope and not properly closed.

For the 14 seater Hiace yellow buses popularly called danfo, it would be 23 sitting all luggage hanging as this vehicles barely have spaces for luggage and goods. Danfo buses make up more than half the public means of transportation in Lagos State yet this buses have no luggage space to accommodate it’s daily clientele of market women, traders and other users.

a bus with boot properly closed  bus has a piece of wood as it’s lock

The buses, with the barely available seats, are cramped full with commuters and their goods packed haphazardly at the back thereby, resulting in hanging doors and sagging boots that have to be held in place with dirty piece of clothing, cords, woods and other sorts. This practice endangers the life of passengers and pedestrians. It is glaring that the motive behind this act is greed and lack of concern for the safety of road users by commercial bus drivers.

Really wonder when Lagos State Government or any of its numerous road traffic-regulating agencies will get it right.

a bus with an over loaded boot

Photos by Elliot Ovadje

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