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Review: #NascoMoments – The Entertainment industry; Music and the artiste
Nasco Moments

Review: #NascoMoments – The Entertainment industry; Music and the artiste

Yvonne Williams

It’s funny how the craze of pop culture seems to have traded good sensible enjoyable music for glorified nonsense in Nigeria and this issue, Nasco Moment’s host the articulate Joy Isi Bewaji alongside her guest, Nigerian artiste and entertainment business man, the “Beautiful” crooner Teria Yarhere aka M Trill jointly analyse critically.

Long gone are the days were music was appreciated for its pure artistry, perfect examples mentioned- Modenine, Shank, Six Foot Plus and the seemingly “little recognition” they get which is a far cry when equated with their talent.

Possible reasons for this unwelcoming switch alongside other determining factors responsible an artiste’s growth in the Nigerian music industry were discussed in this episode. Impressive was M-Trill’s wealth of knowledge which was simply refreshing; as he enlightened listeners about the average artiste’s struggle on his journey towards success,  while joy’s down to earth presentation combined with her easy sense of humour made it a great listen.

Amongst factors listed are: “pop culture” – where everyone yearns for the same kind of genre over and over again without giving room for other possibilities (the “bum wining” and empty lyrics hype was pinpointed), the artiste’s lack of understanding his audience and inability to utilise the right marketing strategy to impress the said message (song) on his listeners which no doubt facilitates acceptance, all these can play a major role in an affecting an artiste’s success.

It was stated that the full blown artiste (money bags) have easier route when it comes to publicity many thanks to the joys of utilising PR to constantly shelve their work down people’s throats.

In addition, it was stated that the entertainment industry’s lack of structure has deeply affected the growth of artistes as they have no backing to push their music.  M- Trill explaining the biggest challenge faced in the music industry said “it’s about who can pull more crowd which involves money, so the upper competition ultimately gets the upper hand.”

In response to why one artiste succeeds over another even when there’re in the same genre, he says “fate and destiny” have a major role to play.

As regarding the rap genre and its social significance, M –Trill says Rap is very cerebral and Nigeria as a country has not been able to fully embrace it as literacy plays a huge role in its acceptance. However he stated that there are exceptional rappers in the country.

Lastly, the singer summed the discuss up by saying Nigerians want variety which is seriously lacking in the music industry today,  as there seems to be just one genre of music always being played in the airwaves, adding that he’s working on filling that gap.

Nasco Moments episode 5 in two words – Brilliant listen!