WHO recommends exit screening from Ebola hit countries

WHO recommends exit screening from Ebola hit countries

Fola Akintomide

According to a statement from the World Health Organization yesterday, passengers should be screened for Ebola before departing from Ebola hit countries.

The Travel and Transport Task Force on Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa, set up by the WHO, “Current exit screening of all persons departing affected countries through international airports, seaports and major land crossings is recommended by WHO and can reduce the numbers of people with symptoms from travelling from the countries with high levels of Ebola transmission.”

“While screening upon entry into non-affected countries may provide an opportunity to further increase public awareness about Ebola, such screening also can require significant resources including staff, facilities and systems to care for ill travellers who might be suspected of having Ebola.”

The task force also frowns on banning of travelers from the affected countries.

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