Senate passes NFF Bill 2014 into law, revokes NFA Act 2004

Senate passes NFF Bill 2014 into law, revokes NFA Act 2004

Fola Akintomide

The country’s lawmakers in the Red Chambers have moved to resolve the administrative crisis rocking the football body after accenting into law the NFF Bill 2014

Nigeria’s Senate has passed into law a bill recognising the Nigeria Football Federation and also withdrawn the Nigeria Football Association Act of 2004.

The NFF Bill 2014 was passed by the upper house of the country’s parliament on Thursday, after the lawmakers spelt out the clause-by-clause terms of the bill.

The deputy senate president Ike Ekweremadu said the bill’s passage legalises and institutionalises the NFF as a statutory body with limited government interference in its activities.

Ekweremadu said the bill for the country’s football body was enacted into law to help restore peace and sanity to the game following the five-month long leadership crisis.

“I do believe that this (bill) helps the development of our football and the entire crisis we’ve had in the past. I believe that this bill will bring it to an end,” Ekweremadu told media.

“The entire crisis we’ve had in the past (in the governance of Nigerian football),” he said.

The chairman of the Senate Committee on Sports, Adamu Gumba, said that the NFF Bill is an upgraded version of the Nigeria Football Association (NFA) Act and has most of its provisions in accordance with Fifa statutes.

“This bill makes sure that most of the provisions of the law comply with Fifa regulations because each time we hear Fifa intervening in Nigeria’s football administration saying it is going to sanction the national federation for disobeying this statute or that regulations,” Gumba said.

“So this bill is meant to remove those areas (of friction between the NFF and Fifa) to make sure our football administrators work in accordance with the governing regulations of Fifa,” he said.

The bill will become autonomous after Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan sign’s it into law.

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