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Malaria death rate reduces by 50% – WHO

Yvonne Williams

Malaria deaths have dropped drastically since 2000 following treatment of more people and increase in usage of bed nets, World Health Organisation (WHO) reports say.

However, the UN health agency sounded a warning on Tuesday that the Malaria treatment process in West Africa risks being reversed given the spread of the Ebola virus.

Speaking about malaria, the WHO said that progress against the mosquito-borne infection remains fragile and West African countries suffering from Ebola are particularly at risk of seeing a resurgence of malaria.

WHO’s annual report of malaria revealed that the death rate from the illness fell by 47 percent worldwide between 2000 and 2013 and by 54 percent in Africa, where about 90 percent of all malaria deaths occur.

In an analysis of malaria’s impact across sub-Saharan Africa, it also found that despite a 43 percent increase in population, fewer people in the region are infected every year.

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