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Femi Falana
Femi Falana

Falana takes up case of tortured couple

Yvonne Williams

Human rights lawyer, Femi Falana, has taken over the case of Ejeh Smith and his wife, Grace, who were allegedly tortured by a policeman, Dada Ogunsanya, attached to the Ikoyi Police Division.

Falana said he would be pressing charges against the police for the abuse of their fundamental human rights.

He said he also hoped that at the end of the case, the police would write a public letter to apologise to the couple for the injuries suffered during the attack.

Reports had made rounds about the couple; Ejeh and Grace who were on their way home in a cab when the police corporal allegedly attacked them with alleged to have hit Ejeh with the butt of his gun and stepped on the stomach of his wife, Grace.

Falana, who volunteered to take up the case pro bono, said, “We are going to sue for damages and we will also ask the court to order the prosecution of the policeman and the DPO.

“The DPO will be joined in the suit because she inflicted more torture on them by taking the phone and deleting their evidence.

“The whole essence of this is to challenge the violation of their rights to dignity. They were assaulted and brutalised without any justification. We will also be asking for a public apology from the police to ensure that this serves as a deterrent to others in the force.”

While reacting to police argument that Ejeh was drunk when the incident happened, Falana said it was not a justification for the brutality the couple suffered.

Falana, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, said if the allegation was true, the policemen on duty on the night of the incident ought to have acted differently.

“We are used to police coming up with different excuses when they have been caught in a situation like this. I see their defence as a gambol story. Assuming somebody was drunk, why did the police allow them to go in that condition? Are they saying the husband and wife were drunk? Obviously, this is an afterthought and it will only worsen their case. Even if they were drunk, that does not justify brutalising them,” he added.