Marcedonia: President Trajkovski’s death, pilot error – Probe

Marcedonia: President Trajkovski’s death, pilot error – Probe


An international probe into the plane crash that killed Macedonian president Boris Trajkovski and eight other people in Bosnia in 2004, has ruled out possibility of assassination, stating Saturday that it found no evidence that the aircraft exploded in Mid-air.

Late Macedonian President Trajkovski

The outcome, broadcast on Bosnian TV, also dismissed suspicions that French SFOR soldiers who were running the control tower in the Mostar, a southwestern town in Bosnian, town of could have been responsible for the crash.

There was speculation that the February 26, 2014 that killed the 47 year old Trajkovski, his way to an international conference in Bosnia, along with six of his closest and two pilots, might have been the subject of a deliberate attack.

Omer Kulic, head of an international commission that has been conducting the probe for the past two years said: “Several systematic pilot errors were key to the fall of the plane.”
He said, “The pilots should have simply directed the plane towards Dubrovnik (on the southern Adriatic coast) or Sarajevo.”

The outcome confirms earlier findings of an initial investigation by Bosnian authorities immediately after the accident.

The crash on February 26, 2004 occurred when the US-made Beechcraft King Air 200 tried to land at the airport of Mostar, in southern Bosnia, in bad weather.

The charred bodies of the late Macedonian president and eight others were found in the wreckage the next day by local authorities and NATO-led peacekeepers, after a thorough search.

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