Italian doctor certified Ebola free

Italian doctor certified Ebola free

Yvonne Williams

An Italian doctor who contracted the deadly Ebola virus in November while working in Sierra Leone has been declared free and discharged from a Rome hospital.

Fabrizio Pulvirenti while at the Spallanzani hospital on Friday disclosed that as a way to keep himself sharp he tried to mentally analyse his symptoms.

The doctor, who worked with the Italy-based Emergency aid group, was given the same experimental drugs used in the US and other European countries to treat people infected with the virus, according to officials at the hospital.

Pulvirenti, in his 50s, was Italy’s first Ebola patient. He said it was impossible to know when he contracted the virus.

After regaining full strength, Pulvirenti says he will consider returning to Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone is the worst-hit country in West Africa with more than 9,000 Ebola cases.

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