Rep. Opeyemi Bamidele
Rep. Opeyemi Bamidele

2015: Lawmaker tasks politicians on free, fair election

Yvonne Williams

Rep. Opeyemi Bamidele (LP-Ekiti) on Tuesday called on politicians nationwide to guard against heating up the polity, to contribute their quota towards a hitch-free 2015 general elections.

Bamidele told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja that it behooved the political class to unite in finding solutions to political crisis affecting the country.

“I am in pain that today majority of the members of political class are running from pillar to post about 2015 election.

“I find it saddening because the primary essence of governance is not to participate in elections but to provide protection for lives and property,’’ he said.

Bamidele said that politicians should concern themselves more with building the nation than winning elections.

“Everybody must come together to fight and defeat terrorism on the Nigerian soil, ” he said.

Bamidele said there was the need to amend the nation’s constitution to address the socio-economic and political challenges and ensur an enduring democracy.

“Democracy should not be as painful as it is in Nigeria. There are issues that should be addressed such as insecurity and unemployment,’’ Bamidele said.

According to him, the rate of unemployment in the country is capable of threatening its democracy and peace.

“We are building a growing army of frustrated, angry and desperate youths.

“The country’s core values are collapsing by the day and indecent values are being celebrated,’’ Bamidele said.

He said that most of the current defections among politicians were borne out of personal interests than the desire to serve the people.

“It is no longer about the people. It is no longer about public interest or ideological commitment.

“A lot of defections are informed by a lot of individual’s political interest and agenda which will not serve public interest”, Bamidele said.

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