NUPTE condemns unsolicited adverts on mobile phones by telecom providers

NUPTE condemns unsolicited adverts on mobile phones by telecom providers


The National Union of Posts and Telecommunication Employees(NUPTE) on Sunday in Abuja condemned the constant unsolicited adverts on cell phones being posted by telecom providers in the country.

Mr Sunday Alhassan , President, NUPTE, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the unsolicited adverts, drop-in-calls and others charges had become very worrisome.

He said that there had been a lot of complaints from different quarters on how unnecessary charges had been deducted for calls or unsubscribed ringtones.

“ What we are condemning is the text you get saying that your subscription has been renewed automatically when you never subscribe to such a product.

“Then the text is telling you, if you intend to unsubscribe key into some numbers and as soon as you key into those numbers they will tell you that it is an error.

“We believed that this is a fraud on the part of the telecom providers.

“We have also discovered that a lot of calls drop or fail while making them and till date none of the providers has given us any explanation.

“As a union we seriously condemn these acts, ‘’he said.

Alhassan said that the union had complained to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), the regulatory body of the telecommunication operators, on the matter.

He said that the commission had assured the union that something would be done about the issue.

“We are not taking on the operators specifically because some of these operators are yet to allow their workers to belong to the union,” he said.


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