Liberia cremates 2,800 ebola

Liberia cremates 2,800 ebola


Liberian government said 2,800 Ebola bodies have so far been cremated following the outbreak of the deadly virus.

Ciatta Bishop, Head of the National Ebola Burial Team, disclosed on Thursday, in Monrovia, that the cremation and burial teams collected over 2,800 bodies across the country during the process for burial and cremation.

The Ebola team was set up in August 2014, when the virus overwhelmed the country due to lack of coordination and facilities to dispose of the Ebola dead.

She also said that no infection or death occurred among those cremating or burying Ebola bodies during the fight against the virus.

“Even though they were stigmatised and rejected by some communities and families, they actually stood up and held on to defending their country,” she said.

Health authorities in the country say the drastic reduction in the number of cases and 12 of the 15 counties not reporting cases for a long time is an indication the virus is about to be defeated.

The WHO data showed that in Liberia alone, 3,496 people have died from the virus in the latest outbreak.

However, it said in its update released, that the case incidence has declined to low levels in the country.


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