Fed govt urged to expand theatre industry

Fed govt urged to expand theatre industry


Artistic Director, Qdance Centre, Lagos, Mr Qudus Onikeku, the on Friday called on the Federal Government to build theatres in the six geo-political zones of the country to boost the entertainment industry.

Onikeku told agency reporter in Lagos that the nonavailability of theatres in the six zones was affecting the growth of the sector.

“A theatre is a place or building consisting of a stage and seating in which an audience gathers to watch plays, musical performances and public ceremonies.

“In a situation where such an avenue or building is not available to the practitioners and audience it will affect the growth of such sector,” he said.

He said that theatre art practitioners were found everywhere in the country, but that they could only display their work and movies when they got to the National Theatre, Lagos.

“Theatre art practitioners come to national theatre in Lagos before they can have their movies exhibited, this is not encouraging.”

“Theatre should be built in all the six geo-political zones for practitioners to have easy and quick access to it for practicing and showcasing of their movies. It is a place where theatre art practitioners come together for cultural display and to brainstorm.”

“They discuss how to make quality video production and also to move the industry forward,”  Onikeku said.

He went on to say that building theatre in the zones would create employment opportunities for the people and would alleviate poverty.

The artistic director said the project would also increase foreign exchange earnings as well as boost government Internally Generated Revenue (IGR).

He said that his organisation outsourced and trained gifted and talented youth in dance, drama and choreography.

“This is part of the corporate and social responsibility of the organisation to assist and engage the youth.

“Doing this will make the youth become useful to themselves and to the nation,” Onikeku said.


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